The solar industry enters a new phase of its development and is taking the lead in the global energy mix. According to Mr. Ingmar Wilhelm, president of the European Photovoltaic Association (EPIA) 'The important declining costs, the validity of the ecological footprint and new innovative features are creating today's good climate for investment in PV technology, which is on the way to becoming a fully competitive part of the electricity system in the European Union and an increasingly important part of the world's energy future'.

The excellent solar irradiation indicators on the Balkans and the interest of leading companies in the sector provoke us to organize the SEE Solar Exhibition. It will be held for the first time parallel to the 8-th edition of the annual SE European Exhibition on EE & RES - 64% of its area in 2011 was covered by companies operating in the solar industry.

SEE Solar Exhibition will present most up-to-date photovoltaic and solar thermal systems and will bring together manufacturers, installers, investors, designers and consultants.

The increasing of energy efficiency and renewable energy application is the best way for sustainable economic development of the Region. Focused on these hot issues, the 8th edition of the EE & RES Exhibition will showcase again the latest equipment, technology and services from the energy sector and will act as a business and knowledge exchange platform. The Exhibition’s parallel events - EE & RES Congress and 'Save the Planet' - Conference & Exhibition on Waste Management, Recycling & Environment, contribute to the high-level visitor attendance by specialists from 4 continents - Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa.

The edition in 2011

  • 84 % increase of the exhibition area compared to 2010
  • Group participations from Austria, Germany and the USA
  • More than 5900 visitors from 39 countries
  • Highly positive feedback from exhibitors, visitors, speakers and attendees

Environmental issues are highly prioritized in the worldwide agenda and are also a priority theme for South-East Europe. The countries from the Region are in need of expertise, technology products and equipment. 'Save the Planet' will present the latest solutions in waste management, recycling and environment and will encourage the foreign investments and creation of public-private partnerships. The exhibition and the parallel conference will gather representatives of business, public authorities and institutions involved in these sectors.

The edition in 2011

  • Group participation from Austria – Strategic Partner of the event
  • 84 % increase of the exhibition area compared to 2010
  • Exhibitor profile: technologies and equipment for waste collection, waste treatment, landfill, composting, transport vehicles, sewage treatment, environmental monitoring & protection equipment, waste-to-energy, recycling systems and technologies, consulting services Visitor profile: state administration and municipality representatives; investors; finance experts; landfill operators; managers, specialists in the sectors of waste management, recycling, ecology, construction and related industry branches.

The countries of South-East Europe are facing numerous environmental challenges. They are in need of expertise and modern technologies. The event’s aim is to encourage the know-how transfer and stimulate the investments in green energy and waste management sectors.

The participation in the events is a good opportunity for setting up new partnerships on a global scale between governmental and local policy makers, investors, executives, representatives of branch associations, specialists in the sectors of waste management, renewable energy, ecology, construction, agriculture, processing industry etc.

The South-East European Forum incorporates:

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy - Exhibition

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy - Congress
South-East European Solar Exhibition
Waste Management and Recycling "SAVE the Planet!" - Exhibition

Waste Management and Recycling "SAVE the Planet!" - Conference

The events will be one of the most significant meeting point for key industry players to do business in this part of Europe